You Have A Problem - I Have The Solution

Hey.  Thank you for taking your time to learn about how I help people.  I represent individuals throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, although the majority of my clients live here in Charlotte.  My approach is simple: efficiently provide you the best legal service I possibly can, while providing you great customer service.  I help people with many kinds of cases, focusing on personal injury cases, workers' compensation claims, and criminal / traffic matters.   

How do you and I make this happen

  1. I care about you and your case.  I realize this sound ridiculous; I understand it should be obvious.  Unfortunately, after 17 years of working for people just like you, I've realized some lawyers don't see things the same way I do.  I want to speak to you about your case (not some staff person).  I want to understand what your situation involves so we can decide how to proceed.  The normal law firm setup doesn't allow your lawyer to really do this.  I don't like that scenario, so I changed it.  It means I make less money, but it means I know in my heart I do a good job.  If you know a former client of mine, ask them about my work.  If not, look at what past clients had to say.  Either way, give me a call and be your own judge.  

  2. I just work hard.  Again, this almost sounds stupid.  Of course you want an attorney who works hard!  I would bet good money you can look around your workplace and see people that do just enough to get by; they may not get fired, but they definitely aren't going to do anything extra either.  Legal work is pretty complex.  I understand the large majority of my clients are trusting me to address their issue, and they have no real easy way to check my work in real time.  I take this seriously; I'm not some fourth generation lawyer who inherited a law firm.  When I see other lawyers doing "just enough" it bothers me.  Yes, it may be "okay", but I think you're putting your trust in me to do the best I can for you.  I won't guarantee you results; I will guarantee you I'll do my best - and I'll deliver.   

  3. I use technology for your benefit.  What in the world does this mean?  Simply put, I'm very efficient in the way I work.  I spend the necessary money on things I need to do the best possible job for my clients.  However, the key is that it allows me (the lawyer) to handle much more of your case than occurs in a traditional law firm setup.  You may very well hire another lawyer, who actually only does a small percentage of the work on your case.  The rest is done by an employee with minimal legal knowledge.  How does that sit with you?  Do you really understand what that means?   Why don't we talk about your situation and how I would go about it? 

Most attorneys think flash equals results.  I learned from my mentor a long time ago that substance wins in the long run.  If you want flash, hire some guy making empty promises on TV.  I'll give you a simple example: I don't use fancy labeling systems for my files like most firms.  Why? (a) It's a waste of money; & (b) Why do I need a fancy file number when I know you by name?  You are not a number; you are my client.  

We are all flooded with information today.  Whether you have a personal injury case or a traffic / criminal matter, I realize you have a lot of options.  I'm Christopher Shumate and I genuinely want to help you.  I believe my firm offers the experience, resources, and hard work to get you a great result. Give me a call, and let's talk about it.