About The Firm

This law firm is designed with one simple goal in mind: efficiently provide you the best legal service I possibly can, while providing you great customer service.  Everything I've done in my career is essentially an accumulation of knowledge strategically designed to better serve you (my client) at this point in time.  There really isn't a reason to overly complicate things.  I run my law firm just like the small business you see down the street.  I work hard to earn your business / trust, and I grow my business through referrals.  I've learned from so many mistakes I watched other lawyers make throughout my career.  I've also adapted my own practices over time to better serve clients.  I constantly look for new / better ways for my firm to do things.  

A large part of the work I do for you is highly technical.  I work very hard to ensure I remain up to date regarding the workers' compensation, personal injury, and criminal / traffic areas of the law.  I typically attend additional hours of continuing education beyond that required by the North Carolina State Bar in doing so.  I'm practically never "off"; I find myself thinking about clients / cases driving down the road, doing yard work, at the gym, etc.  I've developed some incredible ideas simply by the pure determination to keep a case in the back of my mind because I knew there was something I could figure out.      

While a large part of my job is technical, you simply have to work hard to be the best at any job.  Nobody achieves the best results by doing "just enough".  This law firm will not make you inappropriate promises about your case.  However, this law firm will give you the best effort, and that is simply what you deserve.  This idea has really become to uncommon in our world: I have no problem paying someone for a service; I simply ask they do the best job they can for me.    

After attending school at The University of South Carolina, I handled extensive litigation throughout the Carolinas (focusing in Charlotte) with a large Defense firm, a mid–size Plaintiff's litigation firm, and a high–volume Plaintiff's litigation firm.  I was a sponge during these years.  I utilized these years to learn lessons / information that would help me fifteen years in the future to help a client whose name I didn't know.  I knew my plan; I was working then to prepare to represent you now.  I later formed The Shumate Law Offices in 2007.  

I represent clients in North Carolina and South Carolina. I strategically focuses on three primary areas of practice: workers' compensation, personal injury, and criminal / traffic.  I specialize my practice so I can get the best results for you.  It is simply impossible for an attorney to effectively handle every area of the law.  I want to focus on what I do well, and I want to get you the best results.  That said, I tell my clients to call me anytime a legal issue arises.  If I cannot assist, I will provide a referral to a reputable attorney who will do a solid job.  I routinely speak with individuals to help them find the best lawyer.  

The Shumate Law Offices receives a significant number of referrals from former clients, attorneys, insurance agents, medical professionals, etc.  A referral is the highest compliment I can receive.  I really do try to earn your faith (to the level you would, without hesitation, tell anyone you know to call me for help).  If you're willing to attach your name to me, I've done my job well.  If this is the type of commitment you're looking for, you should contact my office for a free consultation.  I look forward to meeting you.