Auto Accidents

If you are in an auto accident you should first determine whether you and the other people involved are injured. If you think anyone may be injured, call 911 and ask for an ambulance.  We always suggest to err on the side of caution.  

If there are no apparent injuries as a result of the auto accident, contact 911 and ask for the Police. It is critical you obtain a Police report to determine who is at fault.  The insurance companies place significant emphasis upon the Police report in determining liability.  While it is very inconvenient to wait for the Police, this step is very important for your case.  

Mr. Shumate commonly encounters several significant mistakes in auto accident cases.  Many injured drivers provide a statement to the insurance company.  You have no obligation under N.C. law to provide a statement to the Defendant's insurance company.  Insurance adjusters are trained to elicit statements from injured parties that can be used to deny liability for the damages or significantly reduce the compensation paid to the injured party.  You should immediately contact Mr. Shumate once you have obtained emergency medical care to determine how to proceed with your case.  Chris will ensure your rights are protected.  

Another critical and common mistake in auto accident cases is the lack of appropriate medical treatment following your auto accident.  There are two key components to medical care: (1) time and (2) consistency.  First, you should promptly seek medical care.  You must understand the insurance company will argue any delay in medical care indicates the medical care was not necessary.  Second, you must limit any gaps in medical treatment.  If you receive treatment in the Emergency Room (ER), you should promptly follow up with the recommended physician as necessary.  If you do not receive emergency treatment, you should seek medical care in a timely manner as the need for such becomes apparent.  

Individuals often fail to promptly seek medical care because they believe the Defendant's insurance company will directly pay for them to go to the doctor.  You must realize an insurance company will never pay your medical bills directly.  You must seek any medical treatment needed as noted above.  If you have any form of health insurance, you should utilize it.    The insurance company will review any medical billing after treatment has occurred to determine whether to reimburse the appropriate party for such damages.  

Years of experience has revealed that insurance companies benefit from the confusion regarding auto accident cases.  Simply stated, many injured parties naively believe they will be treated fairly.  Adjusters prey upon your lack of knowledge regarding how to proceed.  We encourage you to have a free consultation with Chris regarding your accident.  He will explain the process in a simple manner, and you can decide your best court of action.  Contact us today.

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