Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident can be absolutely devastating.  As a motorcyclist, you are simply vulnerable to increased injury due to the lack of protection provided by a motorcycle.  Unfortunately, motorists do a poor job of watching for motorcycles.  The simple lack of attention, or other negligence, leads to severe accidents.  

In North Carolina, the law of negligence governs a motorcycle accident case just as for an automobile accident case.  Many of the same issues apply to these cases.  Again, the law of contributory negligence can lead to harsh results.  Insurance companies prey upon your lack of knowledge to secure information used to deny liability for your injuries.  The simplest way to combat this issue is to allow Mr. Shumate to explain how the N.C. law applies to the specific facts of your case so you can decide how you want to proceed.  

Motorcycle accident victims must also ensure they receive and document appropriate medical care.  Due to the severity of common injuries, most injured parties receive treatment promptly.  Some individuals unfortunately suffer severe injuries in these cases.  Mr. Shumate has extensive experience representing individuals who suffered life-altering injuries.  He understands how to analyze and develop your case to maximize your recovery.  While doing so, Chris will walk you through the process step-by-step.  

You must understand the insurance adjuster's sole job is to minimize the compensation paid to you.  As soon as the claim is reported, every task performed by the insurance company is designed to minimize your recovery.  The only people protecting your interests are you and your lawyer.  Chris Shumate would like to speak with you to practically explain the issues you face and how you can achieve your goals.  

Chris Shumate represented insurance companies before opening the The Shumate Law Offices.  He understands how insurance companies work.  This prior experience gives you inside knowledge of the strategies used by insurance companies. Contact The Shumate Law Office today for a free consultation and let Mr. Shumate explain how we can utilize this experience for your benefit.

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