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The following is a partial list of results obtained for clients. The outcome of your case is not necessarily related to past results.  The key thing I want you to realize is that I put my full effort into each client's case.  I don't prioritize & give better treatment to the client with a more "valuable" case because each client's case is just as important to you individually.  I genuinely appreciate you showing me the trust to help you, and I take that seriously.  This is represented in the fact that I display "smaller" (just as important) results that most firms do not.    

  • $155,000 Recovery For Shoulder Injury

    February 2019

    This is example number one of why you should never handle your case alone / without a lawyer. In 2017, a young lady brought her brother-in-law (Jeff) to see me. Jeff worked as a maintenance technician at a plant in Charlotte. He sustained a bad shoulder injury in 2015, but he proceeded without a lawyer in his case. The adjuster had offered Jeff a settlement of $36,000. Jeff was thinking about accepting the offer, but she insisted he at least meet with me first to get my opinion. After all, the consultation was free! Read On

  • $100,000 Recovery For Truck Driver With Injured Elbow

    June 2019

    James worked as a truck driver in Gaston County, North Carolina. He injured his elbow at work and initially tried to handle his case alone. James became frustrated with how the insurance adjuster treated him. He found the workers' compensation process to be very difficult. The adjuster failed to act in a reasonable manner, and James suffered without proper medical care. He eventually sought my help. Read On

  • $85,000 Recovery For Injured State Employee

    July 2019

    Every case is different: every client is unique, different issues are presented, and some cases are more complex. Read On

  • $125,000 Recovery For A Terminated Truck Driver Following An Accident

    October 2019

    Marcus worked as a truck driver here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Marcus hired my firm to represent him after sustaining injuries to his neck, back, and right knee in a scary auto accident. My friend unfortunately found himself in a common scenario that injured workers face following accidents. Marcus came to me with three main concerns: Read On

  • Personal Injury: $900,000 Recovery For Burn Injuries

    November 2010

    David worked as a laborer for a construction company in Anson County, North Carolina. He was injured in a terrible explosion. David sustained burns to various areas of his body. He suffered additional complications, such as hearing loss, thermal sensitivity, numbness in his extremities, etc. Our client likewise suffered psychological trauma from this accident. A former client referred David to our firm. I immediately went to meet with David and his family. Upon doing so, I realized we had to be successful; there was no acceptable alternative. Read On

  • Workers' Compensation: $265,000 For Back Injury

    April 2010

    David sustained a back injury while working as machine operator in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was referred to our firm by another law firm. Initially, I worked to address the insurance adjuster's refusal to continue David's weekly benefits (temporary total disability) due to a dispute regarding his ability to return to work. We eventually secured our client's TTD compensation again. Read On

  • Workers' Compensation: $260,000 For Orthopedic Injuries

    March 2011

    Richard sustained multiple orthopedic injuries while working as a mechanic in Midland, North Carolina. Richard was basically run over by a heavy piece of machinery. He was lucky to survive. We worked to secure medical treatment for Richard. Given the extent of his injuries and resulting complications, it was a slow process. I just worked with Richard to guide him through the process. I saw him make real improvement medically. We made sure he had the proper workers' compensation benefits for financial support while he improved.   Read On

  • Workers' Compensation: $217,500 Recovery For Orthopedic Injuries

    February 2014

    James sustained orthopedic injuries when he fell at work in Locust, North Carolina. The claim was defended by one of the most aggressive workers' compensation companies in North Carolina. As such, I fought the Defendants continually over the course of approximately six years to obtain proper medical treatment, weekly benefits (TTD), and other benefits for our client. Read On

  • Workers' Compensation: $177,500 For Shoulder Injury

    October 2011

    Manuel sustained a shoulder injury while working as a delivery driver in Charlotte, North Carolina. Given the extent of Manuel's injury and the physical demands of his job, it was immediately apparent this accident jeopardized his ability to return to the same position. Manuel had approximately 25 years of experience with his employer. I recognized the impact this accident would have on my client, and we worked together to address those concerns. Read On

  • Workers' Compensation: $175,000 For Shoulder, Back, And Foot Injuries

    March 2011

    Robert sustained injuries to his shoulder, back, and foot when he fell while working as a truck driver in Roxboro, North Carolina. This was a complex claim that I lived for approximately four years. Read On

  • Workers' Compensation: $170,000 Recovery For Elbow And Back Injuries

    July 2009

    Geraldine sustained elbow and non-surgical back injuries while working as a laborer at a manufacturing facility in Gastonia, North Carolina. This complex matter offered us the opportunity to work with a colleague on personal injury and workers' compensation claims for Geraldine. Read On

  • Workers' Compensation: $170,000 Recovery For Back Injury

    October 2009

    Sandra sustained a back injury while working at a fast food restaurant in Concord, North Carolina. Sandra underwent two surgeries to address her injury. Some clients unfortunately sustain injuries that require a fair amount of time and medical treatment to address. I work closely with our folks to guide them through this difficult process. I expect clients to be worried, frustrated, scared, etc. when they contact my office. I certainly would be. My satisfaction comes from easing some of these emotions while we address the respective issues. Read On

  • Workers' Compensation: $150,000 Recovery For Shoulder Injury

    January 2014

    Debra sustained a shoulder injury at work in Charlotte, North Carolina. Under the North Carolina workers' compensation law, the insurance company had a very strong argument that no compensation was owed to Debra. At our initial meeting, we had a detailed discussion regarding the facts of Debra's accident. I carefully explained how the North Carolina workers' compensation law applied to her case. I explained precisely how we were going to proceed to protect Debra's medical treatment and monetary recovery. My strategy worked. Debra underwent two surgeries to repair a rotator cuff tear. She received the proper workers' compensation benefits pursuant to North Carolina law during her recovery. Read On

  • Workers' Compensation: $150,000 Recovery For Back Injury

    April 2008

    Richard sustained a back injury while working as a machine operator at a manufacturing facility in Matthews, North Carolina. The medical treatment in workers' compensation claims can be quite complex and difficult to navigate, especially without a lawyer. Richard encountered this issue as the insurance company never properly accepted responsibility for his claim with the Industrial Commission, denied payment for some of his medical treatment, generally delayed proper medical care. Richard suffered physically. As Richard eventually sought treatment directly, he received medical bills. Read On

  • Workers' Compensation: $145,000 Recovery For Shoulder Injury

    September 2008

    Krissy sustained a shoulder injury while working as a delivery driver in York, South Carolina. Another attorney referred Krissy to our firm as I also handle South Carolina workers' compensation and personal injury cases.   Read On

  • Workers' Compensation $144,949 Recovery For Knee Injury

    April 2009

    Carolyn sustained a knee injury while working as a truck driver. The insurance company accepted responsibility for the initial injury. Carolyn unfortunately sustained a second knee injury. The insurance adjuster denied responsibility for the second injury, refusing to provide medical treatment or weekly monetary compensation (TTD benefits). Carolyn sought our help. We took the case to trial (hearing) and won. Read On

  • Workers' Compensation: $140,000 Recovery For Shoulder And Neck Injuries

    October 2010

    Arnold sustained shoulder and neck injuries while working as a truck driver in Greenville, South Carolina. When I began representing Arnold, there were two pressing issues: First, he needed proper medical treatment. Second, we needed to address his work status. The insurance company has the right to direct medical care in a compensable workers' compensation claim. However, the adjuster was acting improperly in this case, and I exploited her actions to obtain better medical care and overall leverage for Arnold. This was the turning point in the case. This is the reason I personally review every medical record and report regarding my clients; you can't protect your clients if you don't know what is going on. Read On

  • Workers' Compensation: $140,000 For Shoulder Injury

    August 2010

    Ron injured his shoulder while working as a laborer in an industrial plant in Cleveland, North Carolina. Ron sought our assistance because he was unhappy with his prior attorney. Simply stated, Ron was dissatisfied with the communication regarding his case. Many people unfortunately seek help from larger law firms in response to the many television advertisements they see. However, these firms often provide poor customer service and little real access to experienced attorneys. This becomes very frustrating to the injured party. Read On

  • Workers' Compensation: $140,000 Recovery For Neck Injury

    May 2010

    Greg sustained a neck injury in an auto accident while working as a truck driver in Texas. Upon an initial examination of Greg's case, I determined we needed to address several issues for our client. I prepared a litigation strategy to walk Greg through these matters one at a time. Read On

  • Personal Injury: $120,000 Recovery For Shoulder Injury

    July 2016

    Tonya sufferd a right shoulder injury at work when she tripped and fell exiting an elevator in Charlotte, North Carolina. The shoulder injury required surgery and extensive physical therapy. I pursued two separate (yet related) claims on Tonya's behalf. First, we obtained proper medical and weekly financial compensation (temporarily total disability) for Tonya per a workers' compensation claim. Second, we strategically pursued a civil claim against the owner of the building, and the elevator manufacturer. Read On

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