Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries can occur at work, in an automobile accident, in a boating accident, or in a variety of other ways. While the circumstance of a serious and devastating injury may vary, the victim inevitably endures intense pain and suffering. The emotional toll is often overwhelming.   The medical bills that follow can lead to financial ruin.  Many families are pushed to the limit due to the mistake of the Defendant.  

Chris has assisted numerous clients who simply needed to focus on their health and the well-being of their family.  Mr. Shumate aggressively worked to address the legal matters for these clients, while explaining the process in a commonsense manner along the way.  

You unfortunately suffered a horrific injury, but do not have to proceed alone.  Chris Shumate is a talented Charlotte injury attorney who has helped many similar individuals.  Mr. Shumate's hard work and advice can help you too.  

A catastrophic accident can lead to a host of medical issues.  You may suffer spinal injuries, brain injuries, severe burns, or even amputations. Injuries of this magnitude require long–term hospital care and extended rehabilitation services. These types of injuries also necessitate expensive special treatments and medical devices, which may continue indefinitely.  The insurance company is not going to pay your medical expenses directly.  You must have an experienced attorney, who understands how to properly develop your case, evaluate your damages, and recover the appropriate amount for you.  It is critical for your family that you maximize your recovery.  A trained attorney provides the skill set required to battle the insurance company on your behalf.  

The Shumate Law Offices is focused on getting clients the compensation they deserve. Chris Shumate has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies, and he understands the pain and stress that you and your family are going through in the wake of a terrible accident. Chris is a compassionate and professional advocate for your. Contact our firm promptly for a free consultation and speak with Chris Shumate about your case.  Mr. Shumate will provide a thorough, yet simple, analysis of your situation.

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