Construction Accidents

Construction sites are simply dangerous.  While construction companies may strive to maintain Occupational & Safety Health Administration (OSHA) compliance, many projects face the conflicting financial pressure of the need to complete the project faster.  When these two conflicting issues collide, the unfortunate result is often a serious construction accident.  

These workplace accidents often result in severe personal injuries.  Injured workers sustain life altering orthopedic injuries, brain damage, or even death.  It is important to utilize a personal injury attorney who is experienced addressing these significant cases.  Mr. Shumate has addressed practically every type of work injury from finger injuries to injuries resulting in death.  

Construction accidents commonly result in a difficult fight regarding who is responsible for the injured worker's benefits.  The typical construction project involves a general contractor and various sub-contractors.  The legal relationship among these employers is often difficult to decipher.  Many cases require litigation to determine the proper Defendant(s).  However, North Carolina law does address this scenario and Chris Shumate has experience (a) finding the liable party and (b) obtaining full compensation for his clients.  

Typically, an injured worker's sole remedy is a workers' compensation claim.  However, some accidents give rise to a potential civil claim for damages as well.  Some construction accidents fall into this second scenario.  Our workers' compensation attorney has experience evaluating these matters to determine your legal options. 

If you sustain a construction accident, please promptly contact our office to speak with Mr. Shumate regarding your injuries.  Chris will provide a free, yet thorough consultation so you understand how to best proceed.  

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