Criminal Defense


A criminal charge or an arrest results in anxiety and fear for the Defendant.  Because of the risks involved and the severe discipline handed out by the courts, you are scared and nervous about the outcome of your case. Whether you have been charged with a traffic citation, theft, assault, a DWI, or a weapons charge, a conviction can carry significant financial penalties, probation, and even active time in jail or prison. Confronting the legal issues and such stiff punishment without the help of a trained professional is both inadvisable and unnecessary.  Chris Shumate can analyze the facts of your case and the applicable law, and develop the appropriate legal strategy to address your situation correctly.  

As soon as you have been arrested or are aware that you are under investigation, you should contact Chris Shumate for information and advice regarding your situation. A trained attorney who is familiar with the criminal justice system can be an invaluable resource to formulate your defense. A skilled advocate can speak with the Police and the District Attorney to significantly reduce your charges and the resulting judgment of the court. As a reputable attorney, Mr. Shumate does not guarantee results.  However, he will carefully analyze your specific case and formulate the appropriate legal strategy to best achieve your goals.  

The job of every District Attorney (D.A.) is to prosecute those charged with a crime (Defendants) on behalf of the state of North Carolina. Any statements you give the D.A. or the Police will be used against you.  However, the presence and counsel of a defense attorney can prevent potentially incriminating statements or misconceptions regarding the real facts of your case. The North Carolina criminal justice system is predicated upon the idea that every person charged with a crime has the opportunity to answer his accuser and defend himself in court. The presence of a Charlotte criminal defense lawyer ensures that you are able to defend yourself in the most advantageous and persuasive manner possible.

Chris Shumate has years of experience as an attorney and he has helped clients charged with a variety of crimes, from moving violations to drug charges. Our office is dedicated to serving your interests and Chris will aggressively fight for you. Mr. Shumate knows that criminal charges are a serious matter, and he will use his knowledge and skill to provide you the outstanding representation that you deserve. Protect yourself and contact The Shumate Law Offices today to discuss your case.

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