Criminal Defense

I get a lot of personal satisfaction helping people who are facing criminal charges.  I assist clients with traffic citations, DWI, underage consumption / underage possession, marijuana possession, etc.  When you receive a citation, you may feel a variety of emotions.  You may be worried, afraid, or upset about the situation.  If you were arrested, your feelings are likely stronger given you endured the experience of the whole very unpleasant experience.  I understand these feelings as I talk about them daily with people just like you. 

You also have a legal problem to solve.  Your charge presents a variety of potential financial penalties, probation, or active time in jail or prison.  Many years of experience in the court system has convinced me the legal system is just never going to be easy for you to navigate alone.  I will dedicate a blog post to the specific reasons. Yes, you can go it alone.  However, you are placing yourself at such an incredible disadvantage.  It's like trying to fight someone blindfolded with one arm tied behind your back.  How do you think that is going to work out?

This is where I come in.  I'm your guy; I'm your other arm / your eyes.  You feel like everyone else is against you.  However, my clients know I'm going to bat for them.  There is a lot that goes into representing you.  It's a combination of legal knowledge, years of experience, relationships I've developed in the court system daily throughout those years, and simple hard work.  

Let's talk about the players in the criminal system.  

  • The Police obviously serve a valuable purpose in our community.  However, the Police are not your friend when issuing you a citation or charging you with a crime.  You should be polite, keep your interaction a short as possible, and say as little as possible to the Police.  The Police can and will lie to you.  The Police will absolutely use anything you tell them against you.  The Police should not give you any type of advice how to handle a ticket / charge, and you should certainly not follow that advice.  '
  • The District Attorney (D.A.) represents the state of North Carolina.  The D.A.'s job is simply to convict you of your charges.  If there is a prosecuting witness in your case, the D.A. represents that witness.  In Charlotte, the District Attorney is closely aligned with local law enforcement (Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department & N.C. Highway Patrol).  You should understand there are thousands of cases going through the Mecklenburg County Courthouse every day.  You are just another defendant to the D.A. handling your case.  No, he/she does not care about your particular circumstance.  No, he/she is not going to listen carefully and patiently. 
  • Judges in North Carolina are elected.  Why does this matter?  The judge in your case has to run for election every 4 years, which comes up very fast!  First and foremost, judges are people (just like you).  They have private lives too; they have bills too.  Judges take an oath to be impartial, and to apply the law.  I believe most of our judges do a solid job.  However, part of my job as a great attorney is getting to know our judges so I can practice effectively in front of them to get you the best result.  
  • Court Staff are commonly overlooked.  I'm including clerks, bailiffs, custodians, administrative professionals, etc.  You might be thinking these people have absolutely nothing to do with your case.  You might be right 99% of the time.  What about that 1% when we need a favor (nothing improper) on your case at the last minute?  I treat these people with respect because that's how I was taught by my parents.  I also frankly enjoy many of these individuals.  However, these extra relationships I build do help my clients in rare instances.  

I understand you have choices how to proceed.  I'm encouraging you to make an educated decision because this is important.  Your criminal record is really important!  Your insurance points are worth real money!  I solve problems; that's just as simple as I know how to state it; that's what I do.  If you will give me a call, we can discuss your problem and develop a solution.