Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Defective prescriptions are routinely dispensed at stores in Charlotte on a daily basis.  The vast majority of these incidents are simply the result of negligence.  Perhaps the pharmacist or clerk misread the paperwork, or there was a miscommunication between the physician and the pharmacy.  In other cases, the store simply fills the prescription incorrectly.  

Regardless of the reason, this negligence often results in serious injury to unknowing victims.  It simply poses unreasonable safety risks.  Unsafe merchandise injures thousands of people annually, and sometimes the use of defective goods results in death.  The federal government created the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to identify and address the risks posed by consumer products in the U.S.   

The CPSC cannot protect everyone nor prevent the sale of every unsafe product.  Experienced personal injury attorneys protect protect your rights when you are injured.  When a pharmacy or drug manufacturer injures someone, the company must pay for their negligence. You need a qualified personal injury lawyer to pursue proper compensation for your injuries.  

Chris Shumate passionately pursues the interests of his clients.  Mr. Shumate understands the legal issues involved in products liability cases.  He is willing to pursue the appropriate litigation to obtain the proper compensation for your loss.  If you are injured by a defective product such as a prescription, you are strongly encouraged to contact our office immediately to discuss your best recourse.

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