Expunction / Expungement

Mr. Shumate will diligently works to defend clients.  Initially, Chris prepares an aggressive defense to the charges sough by the District Attorney.  Subsequently, we work to preserve your reputation.  Mr. Shumate strives to maintain a relationship with clients, in an effort to truly help individuals.  Once your charge is dismissed or you are acquitted, you may be eligible to have the charge removed from your criminal record entirely.  It is important to note, until you pursue an expunction, the charge will still show on a criminal background report.

The mere occurrence of a criminal charge creates a stigma that lasts for years. Many people associate an arrest or a criminal charge with being guilty of the crime in question, and that negative association causes various issues. You may suffer employment opportunities, financial loss, personal difficulties, etc.  Due to the negative reflection on your character, the law provides a way to prevent further damage to your reputation through the process of expunging your record.  Of note: expunction & expungement are the same process.  

As noted, the disposition of your case remains on your North Carolina criminal history.  Your criminal history is not clear; anyone that runs your criminal record can see you were charged with the crime.  The expunction process effectively erases any trace of your arrest, court proceedings, or other record of your criminal charge from public view. An expungement is not available to everyone, but if your case is eligible, the process is highly advisable to ensure you have a clear criminal record.  Mr. Shumate commonly speaks with potential clients to explain the expunction process, pros / cons, and detail whether their scenario is appropriate for this process.  

Employers, potential landlords, and financial institutions often scour public records as a part of the routine background checks before giving you a job, renting you an apartment, or approving you for a loan. Don't risk your financial status because you failed to clear your record. A trained criminal defense attorney can properly expunge your record and oversee the expunction process to ensure that all records of your criminal ordeal are sealed from public view.

The Shumate Law Offices regularly handles the expunction process for clients and is equipped to meet your needs. Chris Shumate has an accomplished track record obtaining expunctions / expungements. Mr. Shumate realizes the value of your reputation, and he will aggressively pursue your interests and preserve your good name. Contact The Shumate Law Offices for a free consultation and start the expunction process today to protect your name and financial interests.

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