Immediately After Your Accident

To Do List:
  1. Note any witnesses. Document names, contact information, etc.
  2. Report the accident to your supervisor. Ensure he / she documents the accident in writing (request a copy).
  3. Go to the doctor.  Your employer may send you to a specific physician.  Your report of the accident is critical: be clear exactly how you were injured, and note it occurred at work.
  4. The employer will likely request a drug test.  If you refuse the test, your claim will be denied.  If the test is positive, there is a legal issue of causation that must be addressed.  Mr. Shumate can explain this complex issue personally.   
  5. Do NOT give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster.  First, you should understand the insurance company does have a right to investigate the claim.  In a workers' compensation claim, this investigation often includes obtaining a statement from the injured worker.  In many instances, Mr. Shumate will allow his client to provide such a statement.  However, there is a critical distinction.  Mr. Shumate has discussed your case first, explained how the adjuster is trying to get information she can use to deny your benefits etc.  Chris will not tell you to lie; our client will tell the truth.  This is a matter of educating you about how the insurance adjuster will take advantage of your lack of knowledge.  Please contact Mr. Shumate before you make this critical error.  
  6. Make sure your employer notified their insurance company of your accident.  Until you receive a Form 19 (First Report of Injury), you should assume the insurance company does not have notice of your accident.
  7. You need to file a Form 18 (Notice of Accident).  Please note, it is crucial that the information and wording on this Form 18 be correct.  We highly encourage you to speak with Mr. Shumate regarding this form prior to filing it.  
  8. Keep a file.  Note the name and contact information of anyone you speak with.  Keep any medical records, letters, etc.  This documentation will help your attorney assist you quickly. 

 Please note, this list is meant to be a quick guide for you following a work accident.  If you were injured, please contact us so we can assist you further.