Good Experience

I had a good experience with Mr. Shumate. He represented me for a reckless driving charge. He didn't give me false hope pretending to be a savior, but he was encouraging about my case and was realistic about the situation and possible outcome. He even pulled up info about my charge that I couldn't access and discussed it with me before I paid a dime. Some lawyers don't make any effort until payment clears. Mr. Shumate is competent, he's human, he's nice, and doesn't beg you to utilize his services, nor does he act smug or critical about your option to go elsewhere. What's nicer is he's easy to get in touch with, even with a busy schedule. If he couldn't talk to you right when you called him, he'd call you back same day. He ended up getting the charge dismissed with no effect on my insurance premium and no court /ticket fees. I have only used him once, but I had such a good experience with him, I consider him "my lawyer" so I'd definitely call him if I ever need legal counsel.
– JM