Nursing Home Negligence

You love and respect your parents and grandparents.  You should demand they receive the proper care in the facility where they reside.  

Abuse of vulnerable residents occurs routinely in nursing facilities in North Carolina.  This is a sad, yet true reality.  According to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), one in ten elderly people have been abused.  However, only twenty percent of abuse incidents are reported.  It is critical that you closely monitor your loved ones for signs of neglect or abuse.  

Abuse can take many forms, including physical, emotional and sexual abuse.  Other issues include neglect, exploitation, and abandonment.  Nursing facilities have a duty to provide a certain standard of care. If the medical professionals fail to meet this standard of care, a negligence cause of action arises.  

Government reductions in the spending for elder care have lead to increases with this problem.  Furthermore, there is a proliferation of corporate owned and operated homes that are more concerned with profitability than the quality of care.  Our society also simply has an aging population.  These factors have combined to increase the incidents of neglect and abuse among our elderly population.  

As noted, many incidents of neglect or abuse go unreported.  State licensing boards and inspectors are tasked with preventing abuse of residents, but negligence often goes unnoticed by the authorities.  As you visit your family members, you should pay careful attention for signs of abuse.  The presence of unexplained bruises or pressure marks may be signs of physical abuse, while dehydration, general filth and pressure ulcers are indicate neglect.  You should take note of any unusual behavioral changes, withdrawal from normal activities, loss of property, or sudden changes in finances as they may be evidence of other abuse. If you suspect a nursing facility is negligent, you should contact an attorney immediately. An elder abuse attorney can evaluate your case and help you protect the rights of your loved one.

Chris Shumate is a compassionate and aggressive advocate.  Chris will work to obtain compensation for your loved ones, and protect their well-being. The Shumate Law Offices wants to see your loved ones treated with respect and dignity. Call us today for a free consultation if you suspect your loved one has suffered the negligence of a nursing facility.

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