Occupational Disease Claims

North Carolina law defines an occupational disease as a disabling condition that is causally related to your exposure to a hazardous condition to which the public is not equally exposed.  Historically, these workers' compensation claims were primarily pursued by coal miners and textile workers for lung damage.  In modern times, the most common type of occupational disease claim is a repetitive motion injury.  Examples of these injuries include injuries to your hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, etc. due to repetitive production work in manufacturing facilities.  Some workers sustain repetitive injuries in other occupations as well.  While most back injuries occur under a different scenario, you may sustain a back injury as a result of an occupational disease as well.   

The success of any workers' compensation claim is highly dependent upon the specific facts of your case, as applied to the specific North Carolina law.  The occupational disease claims are extremely complex.  This area of the law is very hard to understand.  It is crucial that you promptly speak with Mr. Shumate as soon as you notice the symptoms (pain, numbness, etc.).  Chris  will gather an understanding of your employment, discuss the law with you, and help you develop the best plan to address  your injury.  

Contact our office today to discuss your injury.  You do not have to figure out this difficult path yourself.  

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