Questions about lawyers

Will we answer your questions?

If you have a question about your case, please call and Mr. Shumate will personally speak with you.  First, you will speak with Chris personally to resolve your question.  Mr. Shumate has extensive experience representing injured workers in all types of scenarios.  Chris previously represented the insurance companies; now he represents those injured at work.  He will explain the process inside and out.  Second, there is no expense to ask your question.  Third, your conversation is completely private.  

What is the fee if I hire your firm?

You have sure seen numerous commercials on television.  Most of these advertisements leave a bad impression, and they leave you wondering whether you could really trust the person speaking.  The legal fee in a North Carolina workers' compensation case is typically 25% of the recovery.  This amount is approved by the North Carolina Industrial Commission.  It is a contingency fee, meaning if there is no recovery in your case, you don't pay the fee.  Chris' philosophy on this is simple: treat people as you want to be treated.  The fee is explained / shown right up front, and any questions are explained.  You have a right to a simple explanation.  At the end of your case, we do a simple settlement statement that documents where every penny of your money goes.  

How do you know if you need a lawyer?

Workers' compensation claims are one of the more complex areas of the law.  This is a very difficult type of claim for you to handle personally.  It's also a very easy area for the insurance company to take advantage of you.  Our simple suggestion is to speak with Mr. Shumate.  Your quick, free, private phone call could save you a lot in terms of your health and finances.  That said, there are some common scenarios we see that suggest you definitely need to seek our assistance immediately: 

  • Your claim has been denied
  • Your medical treatment is slow
  • Your weekly check is late / inconsistent
  • You have not received mileage reimbursement
  • Your weekly check is the wrong amount (you're unsure whether it's correct)
  • You have / had surgery
  • You received an impairment rating
  • You received a settlement offer, and you're uncertain about it's value

 These are only examples of commons issues Mr. Shumate resolves in North Carolina workers' compensation claims.  If you have an uneasy feeling about your case, contact Chris about the matter. 

Will I recover less after your fee?

Mr. Shumate insists upon treating clients as he wants to be treated.  In the rare scenario that a potential client is better off without legal counsel, Chris provides that opinion, with the hope the potential client will appreciate the honesty.  In the majority of workers' compensation claims, an injured worker does have a better outcome utilizing a qualified workers' compensation attorney.  Chris will gladly explain the various reasons that affect your overall recover if you desire to discuss the same.  

Do we understand your frustration in having to hire an attorney because the insurance adjuster denied your claim or will not pay the appropriate compensation.  Absolutely.  We fight for compensation of our clients every day, and it's very frustrating.  The North Carolina workers' compensation system is certainly not perfect.  However, the reality of your situation is that the insurance company is not going to pay you the proper benefits.  If you don't hire a lawyer you trust to help you, your net result is going to be much less. Contact Chris, and have a real conversation about this topic.  Who handles my case at your firm?

Who handles my case at your firm?

Before you hire one of the large firms that make all sorts of ridiculous claims in advertisements or otherwise, we suggest you add one condition to your case:  Tell that firm if they are going to represent you, you demand the person (whose name appears on the door) shall be the sole person who handles your case, and that individual shall be responsible for addressing your case.  Most law firms are set up as a pyramid.  A couple older, more experienced attorneys focus on generating clients.  Inexperienced attorneys and staff people actually handle your case.  

At The Shumate Law Offices, Chris Shumate almost exclusively handles your case.  There are no file numbers; there is no need because we deal with you by your name.  When you call to speak to Chris, Chris calls you back. Contact us and find out for yourself.