Questions about your employer

If I hire a lawyer, will I get fired?

North Carolina is an employment at-will state.  Basically, this means your employer can basically terminate you fairly liberally unless you have an employment contract.  Mr. Shumate insists on providing people simple, honest information.  Our firm is not going to tell you otherwise.  

However, it is not our experience that most clients are terminated simply because they retained our firm.  We believe this is so for several reasons.  First, Mr. Shumate educates each client regarding the workers' compensation system.  He explains how things work, both for you and for the employer.  Chris makes every effort to aggressively pursue your benefits, while trying to protect your employment as well.  Mr. Shumate further negotiates a variety of other land mines in your claim (such as the return to work process) by balancing a variety of competing factors to best protect your interest.    

Our experience has been that more clients are terminated prior to retaining counsel.  Mr. Shumate believes the main reason is that the workers' compensation system is simply complex.  Many employers don't understand the rules.  Many injured workers are lost and frustrated.  In some cases, there are additional motives involved.  Absent an experienced attorney, the situation is destined to go poorly.  

We understand your concern regarding your employment.  Many of our clients are very concerned about this issue following an injury. Contact Mr. Shumate to discuss your concerns.