Sexual Assault

The fallout from being charged with sexual assault is considerable and the charges affect your family, coworkers, and everyone connected with you. The stigma associated with the mere accusation of sexual assault can be severe and can last for an extended period of time. Sexual assault, rape, statutory rape, and are just a few of the sex crimes forbidden by North Carolina law. If convicted of any of those offenses, you face serious penalties. A conviction for a sexual assault carries both the negative perceptions of your community, the possibility of time in prison, and perhaps inclusion on the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry. Not all people convicted of sexual assault are placed on the registry, as inclusion is dictated by the nature and circumstances of the offense. The Registry is a public record, and if included, you must maintain updated contact information with N.C., as a failure to do so is a felony offense.

When faced with the prospect of a sexual assault conviction, it is essential that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to help with your case. The state of North Carolina aggressively prosecutes all sex crimes, so it is important to have a lawyer who is adept at handling both the potential public backlash and the legal issues of your case. An experienced Charlotte sexual assault attorney can examine the facts of your case, find the applicable legal defenses, and formulate an effective trial strategy if needed. Prior to trial, your lawyer can serve as a much needed confidant who can advise you how to deal with law enforcement and the District Attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.

The Shumate Law Offices knows how difficult it is to deal with a charge of sexual assault and is well-aware of the consequences you and your loved ones suffer as a result. Chris Shumate is dedicated to the service of his clients, and he provides legal services with discretion and determination. Our office will aggressively pursue your interests and fight for your rights and reputation. No one should face a charge of sexual assault without the help of a qualified attorney . Contact us for a free consultation and allow our experience to assist you.

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