Mr. Shumate speaks with individuals continually to provide free consultations regarding a variety of speeding citations.  Mr. Shumate addresses speeding tickets of all types, for clients of varying ages, encompassing just about any scenario you can imagine.  Whether you are a new driver or a senior citizen, you need to address this matter correctly.  Whether your citation involves a relatively small speeding charge or an excessive speed, you face consequences you likely don't even realize prior to a proper consultation.  

There are three primary / common objectives that must be addressed with speeding tickets.  Mr. Shumate carefully works to handle these three issues through communication with the client, expert analysis of DMV records, and aggressive negotiation on your behalf.  (1) We must protect your license.  Simply stated, it is very easy for your license to be suspended / revoked in North Carolina.  Yes, a simple speeding ticket can suspend your license.  (2) We must protect your insurance.  Your insurance revolves in a three-year cycle.  Insurance is complicated; Insurance is expensive.  There is simply no reason to handle a traffic ticket carelessly and pay way more than you should because of insurance increases.  (3) We must minimize your court costs / fines.  Mr. Shumate carefully works to minimize the net amount you pay to resolve your citation.  

You have numerous options available to handle your case.  In reality, many people are uncertain where to start when looking to hire a lawyer.  A solid suggestion is to look at client recommendations and reviews.  A friend may have a recommendation.  Mr. Shumate also provides a free consultation, which allows you to make an independent decision regarding our services.  A simple word of caution unfortunately necessary regarding the selection of your attorney:  The Charlotte are is filled with young, inexperienced attorneys that claim to handle traffic / criminal matters.  Many of these individuals attended the Charlotte School of Law, which has been widely discredited.  You are strongly encouraged to ask who specifically is going to handle your case, what their experience is, where they attended school, whether they have an actual office (rather than their house), what sort of recommendations they have, etc.  The single biggest mistake you can make is to hire your lawyer based upon cost alone.  There is a range of fees, but the range isn't significant.  You will definitely pay the price for hiring the cheap, inexperienced lawyer with a poor reputation.  

The Shumate Law Offices represents clients daily regarding a variety of speeding citations.  Our experience has achieved significant results for clients.  We want to assist you. We are devoted to providing exceptional legal services at a reasonable price. Mr. Shumate provides a free initial consultation. Contact The Shumate Law Offices and allow us to help you.  

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