Truck Accident

Charlotte is a major source of commercial transportation. The location of Charlotte Douglas International Airport, the connection of three major interstate routes (I85, I77, and I485), along with a major port in Charleston, SC all serve to increase the commercial traffic in Charlotte.  An increase in commercial trucks simply yields an increase in motor vehicle accidents involving tractor trailers. 

Auto accidents involving commercial vehicles typically involve more significant property damage and personal injury.  Semi–trucks can weigh up to forty tons, and vehicles that size traveling at highway speeds cause a tremendous amount of damage. These accidents result in serious injuries with permanent disability.  Some victims unfortunately lose their life.

Commercial insurance policies are required to insure tractor trailers for the damages resulting from the negligence of commercial drivers.  However, the insurance companies aggressively defend these claims due to the exposure involved.  If you are involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, it is important you contact a personal injury attorney promptly to discuss your best course of action.  You need to be aware of common mistakes that drastically reduce your ability to recover damages for your injuries.  You also need to understand how the North Carolina law applies to your case.  These cases also commonly involve complex insurance coverage issues.  Mr. Shumate will explain these issues to you in a conversational manner.  

Mr. Shumate works to thoroughly prepare your case.  Chris investigates the liability of the case, gaining a thorough understanding of the accident to allow an aggressive argument against the insurance company.  As Chris guides you through the case, he prepares a detailed analysis of your medical treatment.  This analysis is utilized to document your injuries and argue for the maximum compensation for your injuries.  Mr. Shumate will ultimately prepare the complete evaluation of your case, discuss each specific with you, and guide you through the negotiation process.  If litigation is required, we are ready to fight on your behalf.    

Mr. Shumate spent several years defending insurance companies.  He understands the tactics they use to deny claims and minimize payments for injuries.  Chris utilizes this understanding for your benefit. Contact our office today and discuss your case with Chris.  Mr. Shumate will discuss specifics of your case and help you determine the best strategy to pursue.  

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