White Collar Crimes

When you have been charged with a crime of any sort, your life can be turned upside down. Fear of going to prison, paying hefty fines, losing your job, and increased anxiety at home are just some of the negative side effects that follow a criminal charge. If you have been charged with a white collar crime, you should take action immediately to protect your rights. The list of white collar crimes includes: embezzlement, theft, misappropriation of funds, fraud, and any non-violent crime that results in a financial gain for the Defendant. White collar crimes can result in federal or state criminal charges depending upon the crime committed. Whether you are being investigated by federal law enforcement or the local Police, a conviction can carry severe penalties and jail time similar to those imposed for violent offenses. Due to the severity of the punishment for white collar crimes, knowing your rights is incredibly important to protect yourself.

A skilled lawyer with experience defending clients charged with white collar crimes is an asset. When you hire an attorney, your advocate can use his knowledge to provide invaluable advice and guidance for your interactions with the Police and the District Attorney. A professional criminal defense attorney provides a persuasive advocate and allows you to avoid the mistakes that could be detrimental to your defense.  Mr. Shumate will examine the facts of your case, develop a trial strategy, and formulate defenses to the crime(s) for which you have been charged. The criminal justice system is complex, and white collar crimes are some of the most complicated cases in the system.  You should not proceed without a knowledgeable attorney representing your interests.

The Shumate Law Offices handles the defense of white collar crimes in the Charlotte. As a distinguished attorney, Chris Shumate has defended many clients against criminal charges in Mecklenburg County. Chris utilizes a deep working knowledge of the law and passion for justice to develop effective trial and negotiation strategies. If you are under investigation or if judicial proceedings have already begun, contact The Shumate Law Offices today and schedule a free appointment to discuss your case.

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