Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation is a type of personal injury. However, this is a complex sub-category.  Workers' compensation cases are governed by specific North Carolina laws.  

The workers' compensation system was developed to assist you following injury at work, and provide you with compensation for medical expenses (past, present, and sometimes future) and lost wages.  In some cases, you are entitled for permanent impairment.  You are also entitled reimbursement for travel, prescriptions, etc.  The law excludes compensation for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and mental anguish.

Every work accident is not covered by the North Carolina workers' compensation system.  You must be employed at the time you are injured, and the injury must occur a result of your employment.  You must sustain a compensable "injury by accident" or occupational disease.  The liability for your injury often rests on this issue: whether you sustained a compensable injury by accident?  

The compensability of your claim is often disputed.  It is crucial that you employ the assistance of an experienced Workers' Compensation attorney immediately after your injury.  You must understand the insurance company will promptly investigate the matter.  The insurance adjuster is specifically trained to obtain statements and documentation from your that can be used to deny your benefits.  Mr. Shumate will provide you a free consultation.  He will gather an understanding of your facts, explain how the law applies to your facts, and help you determine how to best proceed.  

Additional factors often require the assistance of an experienced workers' compensation lawyer.  These include: 

  • Accidents resulting from a third party's negligence
  • Refusal / delay to approve medical treatment
  • Payment of incorrect weekly (TTD) benefits
  • Serious injuries requiring surgery
  • Light duty work restrictions 
  • An Impairment rating
  • Failure to pay mileage reimbursement / prescription reimbursement

Mr. Shumate has successfully represented clients with a variety of workers' compensation injuries, including: orthopedic injuries (shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, foot, etc.), back injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS), broken bones, burns / scaring, occupational diseases, etc.  We represent clients throughout North Carolina and South Carolina in workers' compensation claims.  We represent injured workers' on a contingency fee.  So, we do not obtain a fee until you obtain the benefits we are seeking on your behalf.  

Chris is a very experienced workers' compensation lawyer.  Chris is determined to force the insurance company to provide the workers' compensation benefits you are legally entitled.  If you want an aggressive North Carolina and South Carolina workers compensation attorney, contact The Shumate Law Offices now for a free, confidential consultation with Mr. Shumate. 

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